Ali Aiad, Secretary for International Students
AktionsGemeinschaft (AG-S4S) 

Tel. + 43 1 720 12 86 999

ÖH – Student’s Union of UAS BFI Vienna

As a student you are automatically part of the Austrian National Union of Students.

We, the ÖH BFI Vienna (short for Student’s Union of UAS BFI Vienna), are your locally elected students’ union at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna.

In our university, the student’s union consists of 3 levels:
– University representation (elected every 2 years, responsible for general coordination)
– Study Programme representation (elected every 2 years, responsible for all class representatives)
– Class representatives (elected every year, your direct representative in the courses)

We are here for you if you need any assistance in your studies: We can help with topics such as filing formal complaints on exams where there have been mistakes. Furthermore we can consult you on other study related questions: There is always an open ear for you. You can find our office directly next to the main entrance of the UAS at the location Wohlmutstraße (beneath the orange FHV sign).

Opening times of our office (Wohlmutstraße):

Monday: 12:00-18:30
Tuesday: 14:30-18:30
Wednesday: 12:00-17:00
Thursday: 14:30-18:30
Friday: 14:15-17:00 


Information about the exams during the Corona-semester
(currently not relevant)

The basic tenor of the entire examination regulations during Corona is: flexibility for the lecturers with avoidance of additional work for students, preservation of rights and deadlines as well as a consistent changeover to online formats. The entire examination regulations are available on Moodle under “General Courses” – we have summarised the most important changes for you.

Final exams

The most important thing first: The methods, assessment criteria and the date must be announced to the students at least two weeks before the examination. In general, all regular exams (including commission examinations) should be taken online in writing formats. Standardised tests (e.g. multiple choice tests) and open book examination formats should be used. It was important to us that there should be no negative points in multiple choice tests – we were able to achieve this for you during the long negotiations. Both exam variants are to be carried out via Moodle – in exceptional cases (e.g. mathematics) pen-and-pencil exams can take place. Here the paper is photographed or scanned and then uploaded to Moodle.

Bachelor & Master Exams

These take place via video conference (via PC or mobile phone). Before the start of the exam, the room must be shown with the webcam (swiveling around) – a maximum of 3 guests may be in the same room, but they must then remain within the webcam’s field of vision for the entire exam. You have the right to have another student or student representative with you in the video conference call.

Technology & Problems

If no webcam is available, you can use your smartphone. Printers are generally not necessary. If problems occur during the test, they must be documented immediately with a photo/screenshot. A message to the lecturer is necessary to be sent as soon as possible. If the problems are not your own fault, the exam can be repeated without losing a exam-try. 

Post-Exam review 

The examination can be inspected digitally at the lecturer’s during the Corna Semester. In case of problems you can contact the study course leader.

Change of grading

In principle, the UAS can adapt the examination and course mode (i.e. not only final examinations, but also evaluated “intermediate tasks” such as the 30 “homework or in-lexture points” in ILVs) due to the circumstances. However, under no circumstances may the number of points awarded for partial performances already completed (such as fees) be changed. In exceptional cases, points from the final examination can also be transferred to other partial performances (such as writing scientific papers) – in concrete terms, this means that the 70:30 division does not necessarily have to be adhered to. In this way, workload during final inspections can be minimized.

Bachelor & Master Theses

The deadlines for the last submission are postponed individually, depending on the location of the libraries.

Contact us

Our office is open 3 times a week. If you cannot make it you can also arrange an appointment via e-mail.

Formal complaints

Before filing a formal complaint against a failed exam check the information sheet downladable here: Once filed you can no longer alter it.

ESN BFI Vienna

The Erasmus Student Network is hosting events especially made for international students. Be sure to check out their website.