Your representative at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

The university representation at the University of Applied Sciences of the BFI Vienna, in short ÖH (formerly FHV), is the local interest group for all students of the University of Applied Sciences of the BFI Vienna. She takes care of the concerns of the students, advises and represents them. In addition to her work as a university representative, she also sees herself as an organizer of student activities such as sports on the university campus. In the ÖH office at the Wohlmutstrasse location there are four times a week the possibility of an initial consultation on all study-related topics without an appointment.

The ÖH is divided into three areas:
The University representation (Chairmanship, Departments & Mandates), the respective Student representatives and the year representatives.

How does the ÖH work?

Austrian National Union of University Students


FHV University Representation

Management of the student council. Organization of events. Your representation towards the FH management. Election every two years.

Student Council

Coordination of the year representation. Your representation to the program director. Election every two years.

Year Representative

Direct contacts in your cohort. Election every October/November.