Peter Altmann, Speaker
Students for Students (AG-S4S) 


Lukas HaringerDeputy Speaker
Students for Students (AG-S4S) 

Economics Department

The Department of Economics is entrusted with the management and planning of economic affairs and coordinates bookkeeping and payroll accounting in cooperation with the office team.

In addition to this, the Economics Department monitors compliance with the management regulations, prepares and monitors the budget plan and is responsible for preparing the annual financial statements.

The Economics Department is the first point of contact for all budget-related questions about university representation.


Do you have questions about the budget of the university representation or would you like to submit a project yourself? Write us an email!

Annual estimate

The JVA specifies the budget for the university representation for the current year. You can watch it online anytime.

Submit project

We also support student projects at our university financially. You can submit an application here.