Various departments have been set up in the university representation, which are managed and coordinated independently by an officer. They are elected with a simple majority at ordinary or extraordinary university representation meetings. The appointment of the Economics Department suspends a public tender including the application process. There are currently 10 departments set up at our university.

Department for external locations

The Department for External Locations is responsible for coordinating the agency operations at the Media Quarter Marx location.

Education Policy Department

The department for education policy is basically dedicated to study law issues. It also oversees complaints processes.

Department for events

The events department is responsible for planning major ÖH events, such as the semester opening and closing.

Public Relations Department

The public relations department coordinates the external appearance of the university representation and oversees the ÖH social media channels.

Department of Social Policy

In addition to the social agenda, the department for social policy is also responsible for cooperation with external partners.

Department of Sports

The sports department coordinates sports groups and all events related to physical activity.

Department for Quality Management & Sustainability

The Department for Quality Management & Sustainability. aims to make the work of the ÖH sustainable.

Department for Gender and Diversity

The Department for Gender and Diversity is the first point of contact for questions or suggestions on the topics of diversity management at the University of Applied Sciences, discrimination, etc.

Department for culture and further education

The department for culture and further education takes care of workshops and seminars.

Economics Department

The Department of Economics is entrusted with the management and planning of economic affairs.